Salt + Light

Salt + Light


Mission Statement

Here at Salt + Light, our primary guiding value is dignity, and we aim to connect with people human to human, heart to heart, and shoulder to shoulder to see each other through the lens of love.


We know that alone we cannot solve the crisis of homelessness, but together we can work to create lasting change through a more thoughtful and innovative approach to addressing this crisis and the people it affects. Our food truck outreach program Everyone Eats Today delivers both hot and cold meals to our friends and neighbors surviving on the streets of Tulare County, as well as some essential items. In addition to food, supplies can include palliative care, hygiene products, socks and shoes, winter gear, undergarments, and more. Beyond the food and supplies, our food truck outreach has given our staff and volunteers the opportunity to meet with unhoused individuals, hear their stories and their needs, and build trust with our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Salt + Light is creating The Neighborhood Village - - an intentional community built on dignity and restoration. This 53-home master-planned community will be completed and ready to bring our neighbors home in late 2023. Imagine a place where those who have been experiencing chronic homelessness can come home, settle and heal through relationships, belonging and purposeful work.

At Salt + Light we believe, "Many Hands Make Light Work". All of the gritty yet beautiful things we do are supported through the community relationships we have built. We know that together we can join hands to cultivate community and change the trajectory of Tulare County by offering an innovative and lasting solution to our community's homelessness crisis.