Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue


Mission Statement

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is dedicated to providing a sanctuary for unwanted, abused, neglected horses and improving the relationship between horses and people. We are committed to raising funds to support the rescued horses in our care and will pursue the acquisition of grants, gifts, bequests, and donations to support the organization. We are a no-kill rescue striving to promote humane treatment. Our goal is to properly unite humans and horses in a safe environment, using approved methods to preserve the best equine care through informative and instructional guidance, education, and administration, adhering to the understanding of the need for the preservation of rural equine communities. We are not breed-specific and promise each of our horses will never again know the abuse, neglect, abandonment, or other injuries that brought them to our facilities.


Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is proud to offer EAGALA, Natural Lifemanship, and E3A model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), Trauma Focused EAP, and Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Programs through EquiNorth, Inc. Our team is committed to working side by side with the horses we rescue to help change the lives of people with a diverse range of struggles such as those suffering with addictions, depression, grief and loss, trauma, at-risk youth and improving relationships in families and groups.