Camp Noah

Camp Noah


Mission Statement

Camp Noah brings hope and healing to communities that have been impacted by disaster.


Camp Noah is a nationally acclaimed preparedness and resiliency program for children, hosted across the U.S. in communities that have been impacted by disaster and trauma. Camp Noah is owned by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota and operates nationwide.

It began in 1997 as a response to flooding in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota. In 2006, Camp Noah grew dramatically in response to Hurricane Katrina. Camp Noah has developed into a nationally recognized program for children whose communities have been impacted by natural disasters and other collective trauma.

To date, Camp Noah has been hosted in 29 states and Puerto Rico in response to a wide range of natural and human-caused disasters. Since 1997, we have held 273 camps with more than 4,000 adult volunteers and have served nearly 14,000 elementary-age children. Camp Noah has a small but dedicated staff based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.